Queenstown, New Zealand
25th April 2020

A quick update on this week's happenings.

Monday, I have discovered Queenstown Hill. I should have discovered it months ago but I loved the Tiki trail so much that I never wanted to cheat on it with another steep incline. But, temptations got the best of me and now I have a real soft spot for Queenstown Hill. It's not quite as steep but it's a lot more enjoyable to run. Plus there's a basket you can sit in at the top, for a quick nap.

Tuesday, poker night! Despite not having any money to spare, I found $5 lying around and bought into the hostels weekly poker competition. I had a little more fortune than two weeks ago and managed to secure a play out by being in the final three. Ended up taking a decent second place and turned my $5 into $20 - can't complain!

Saturday, random Coronavirus testing. Given that the Southlands have a high virus rate per capita and that hostels are an unknown in terms of virus spreading risk, the Government are sending voluntary testing our way. Again this is an example of excellent Government response that is perhaps unheard of back in the UK. The test is not particularly pleasant, I'd describe it as a tickle of the brain. Essentially it's a three inch mini toilet brush pushed right up your nose and left for 15 seconds. It's not painful, just a feeling that we don't often experience.

This Tuesday the New Zealand lock down restrictions will ease slightly. This means different things for different people, but to me it essentially means two things. Firstly, Dominos pizza will be open for delivery and secondly, I can run an ultra marathon around my local area and trails. Expect both to be significant parts of the next few weeks of my life.

Stay safe friends.

Sitting in Queenstown Hill basket
Dramatic Queenstown Hill sunset pose
Moody sunset the following day
Someone left a nice painting up here!
Poker night
Getting tested for Coronavirus