Queenstown, New Zealand
24th February 2020

Soon I will have been working as a housekeeper for two weeks. The job is honestly great, much better than I expected it to be. My only complaint, I don't spend enough time there! I'd hoped to work 40 hours or more and I am actually hitting just 35 on average. This is fine though, it's close enough, and it's not like any other of 20+ jobs I applied for have even responded to me! I clean the rooms: make the beds, clean the kitchen, clean the bathrooms and make sure everything is perfect. Probably my favourite job I've had in New Zealand, and I quite enjoyed both New World and vineyard work. The team I work alongside are genuinely lovely people too, I'm so glad to have landed in this job.

I was planning to work for approximately six weeks in Queenstown and then spend my final few New Zealand weeks travelling on my savings. However, change of plan. I plan to return to New Zealand within the next two years, so it's not super important to squeeze in more travelling now. Instead, I will stay in Queenstown almost up until I fly back to the UK. This allows me to work for longer and save money that I was otherwise planning to travel with. Queenstown is a special town, there is a huge amount to do here and I can do clearly understand why it's so popular. It's not my ideal New Zealand town (too many people and very expensive!) but I love being here and having such easy access to such incredible places.

I have some exciting plans that I'm ready to announce but I have to apologise because it's running related - I don't blame you for tuning out now! In 2020 (or 2021?) I will attempt a full unsupported lap of the Isle of Wight. This means that I will attempt to run 112km in one continuous run with no support (i.e. no pacers and carrying everything I need on me, including food). My goal is just to finish, but I was interested to discover that the official FKT (fastest known time) for this is 14 hours and 36 minutes, which isn't nearly as fast as I expected it to be. With lots of hard work and a perfect day I don't think it's impossible for me to get under that time. This is still very early in the planning stage, but once I am done with the London Marathon in April I will start preparing for this challenge. In case you were wondering (don't worry, I know you weren't), London Marathon training is going very well. I have been putting in 28km runs each Sunday for the past few weeks with very little rest midweek, giving me a lot of practice of running with very tired legs. This will be so valuable for the marathon. There's a link at the top of the page to sponsor me if you would like to.

Sunrise already in progress while I'm still climbing the mountain
Purple panorama
The colour of the lake water is such a nice blue
The way the sun glows from behind the Remarkables is just something else...
Spotted a goat midway through a long run
Sunshine Bay
End of the long run. The goat spotted on my run is centre of this picture
Prepare for take off!