Queenstown, New Zealand
11st February 2020

The main purpose of this blog entry is to share the pictures I took in Queenstown in the past few days. I ran up to the skyline viewpoint for sunset on Saturday, and on Sunday I ran up north to Shotover river. I think the photos turned out nicely.

A small update on getting a job. I have only heard back from approximately five of the 24 jobs I applied for, but fortunately two were interested in hiring me. The first was the casino dealer position, which would have been great fun, but as expected they were looking for someone to commit for longer than I was able to. The other job was a cleaning role in a nice Queenstown hotel. I've accepted this job and I start on Thursday - hurray!

Early sunset colours looking incredible!
Light begins to fade
The purples join the fun
Trig point gets this view every day!
I would climb this mountain every sunrise and sunset if I had more time in my day
Easy to see why Queenstown is special
Sun almost down now
Shotover river picture taken in a rare moment when there isn't a jet boat tearing upstream
Queenstown beach