Matt Rayner - Blog
24 January 2020
In Blenheim work is even quicker to lose than it is to obtain. Less than two weeks after starting vineyard work, I am told there's no more work to do and I should wait until there is. I waited and I searched for other work but I have now been unemployed for a week and likely will be moving on soon. On the positive side, the people I have met in Blenheim, particularly on my campground, have been some of the nicest people I've met in a long while. Really felt at home here.

My London Marathon training has been going well, although it's a step up in difficulty even compared to my ultra marathon training. The distance at the higher pace is something I am not used to. I have also been on a few hikes in the local area, in particular a nice short hike up Mount Vernon with some friends. Also enjoyed a day at the beach yesterday in the crazy heat we are currently experiencing in New Zealand. Today is 29 degrees and that makes it one of the cooler days.

I was awoken by a noise in my vestibule a few days ago and upon investigation I discovered a spikey thief rummaging through my pantry. Russell the hedgehog was a little scared by my sudden appearance so he curled up into a ball and hoped for best. After approximately two minutes he poked his tiny little nose out to assess the situation and decided to make a run for it. He has not returned since, which is very disappointing.

I have paid up until Monday in Blenheim and if I am not working on Monday then I'll be heading off down the coast to Kaikoura and beyond. If I move on, expect an update shortly. If I stay in Blenheim a bit longer then you will likely hear from me in a week or so.
Beautiful sky over the campground
A view over a vineyard, a common view in Blenheim
More vineyards, from the foot of the Wither Hills
Russell, my spikey friend
The view on the way up to Mount Vernon
Rough water and great geology in Whites Bay
Looking back at Whites Bay