Wellington, New Zealand
2nd January 2020

This post is tough for me but I just want to get it out there and move on. What started as one New Zealand adventure for two has become two New Zealand adventures for one. After two years, me and Izzy have split up. Whilst we are splitting on good terms, it's tough on us both so we are heading our separate ways. To be honest, it has got me feeling quite down, but that's to be expected. My plans have changed overnight and instead of heading down to Dunedin I am heading to Blenheim, where there is promise of readily available work. I've had to buy a tent now that I am going solo since I shared a tent before. That means money is unexpectedly tighter that forseen and Dunedin is too far away and work is not so obviously available there. I am not going to let this change of situation ruin anything for me in New Zealand, but it may just take me a little while to adjust to my new travelling situation.

I'm catching the ferry early tomorrow morning and then a bus. My job search begins immediately, although the campground will hopefully have something for me straight away. Next update, as an employed person again.

The weather in Wellington reflected my mood accurately