Coromandel, New Zealand
16th November 2019

With New Zealand bank accounts finally sorted and tax numbers obtained, job hunting got going. Not the speedy, efficient job hunting I had imagined though - rather the slow, tedious process of applying to jobs online or via email. Going into businesses and handing out printed CVs is something I need to get used to whether I like it or not. Thankfully, both myself and Izzy have been offered a job at New World Whitianga - the equivalent of Sainsbury's Salcombe. It's not a glamorous job, nor is it a particularly touristy job but it pays minimum wage and that's all I need. I start tomorrow, stacking the alcohol department.

Whitianga gets great sunsets. The sun comes down over the mountains across the water, leading to a really pleasant view. It's just a 15 minute walk down to an excellent viewpoint, so there's no excuse to miss it.

As mentioned before, I am having difficulties finding trails up into the mountains. I was directed to an old forestry road heading up into the mountains, which I tried out one rainy afternoon. It's not a perfect set up for me since there's some running on busy roads required to get there, but once there it's a really quiet and steep road - lovely! The run was pretty tiring, only a week after my Auckland 36km run. And it was 600 metres of ascent in 7km. But the downhill was easy! 23km in total. The view was pretty limited due to being inside a cloud but I'll come back on a clear day for some views. Also, to see the mountain bees again. The summit of one of the hills was littered with bee hives. Strange.

Mmm that's a nice sunset!
Another rather beautiful sunset
Forestry Road heading up into the mountains
Forests and rivers all around me - my kind of paradise
Up in the clouds