Auckland, New Zealand
1st November 2019

Nature is in charge in New Zealand. Instead of clearing the land and putting in buildings and unnatural nature, Auckland is a city built around the nature that existed before the city. It's a beautiful mix of city and nature.

I have now spent a few days in New Zealand. I'm pretty much on the local timezone too, which is nice. I've explored the city a little bit; looked in the shops, eaten in the eateries and climbed a few hills. Although, still yet to climb any volcanoes, of which there are no shortage of. I ran for the first time since arriving here, a run called Pink Path & Parks. The route went along Auckland's pink cycle path and through a couple of the beautiful parks right next to the central district. They have e-scooters here, so you can wonder down the hill into the heart of the city and rent a scooter back up the hill for a few dollars. Walking up hills with your shopping is for peasants!

Today we travelled out from central Auckland to buy a tent and camping gear. We arrived at 9am, and six short hours later we left. The process of picking out the gear we wanted took all over an hour. Probably two. The process of paying for the gear, very difficult and long. Their card machine did not work... And we couldn't transfer the money to them via bank transfer since we would pay loads extra in fees. A trip to McDonald's and a lot of waiting around later we were finally able to pay and we lugged all our gear home. The tent is bigger and heavier than I wanted, but the perfect tent just doesn't exist. We had to compromise on something and it was either getting a smaller tent which didn't meet our requirements, or a larger tent that was more awkward to travel around with. I picked up an airbed, a reasonable balance of comfort and weight. Also bought a camping chair, because a sit-mat just doesn't always cut it. This is definitely not an ultra-light hiking adventure, but at least it should be really comfortable!

A lovely beetroot porridge breakfast with flowers
Nature rules
It's a very pink path
Nature rules
The trees are amazing in Auckland
The buildings can be pretty awesome too