Auckland, New Zealand
29th October 2019

Leaving Shanghai meant it was time to get some sleep. The only issue, I'm a fussy and fidgeting sleeper. Economy class is not uncomfortable if you are just sitting there, but trying to sleep was almost impossible. I was able to get about three hours sleep in total, which gave me enough strength to get through the rest of the eight hours of flight and the arrival in Auckland. I watched just one movie on the combined 20 hours of flight time, Avengers Endgame - it was 6/10 okay. No pretty view of Auckland during landing due to grey, rainy weather - just like being back home! Getting out of the airport was reasonably straightforward, although they wanted to check that our tent wasn't caked in dirty British mud - biosecurity is important to the Kiwis. It felt like bedtime but it was 8am local, and we couldn't get into our Airbnb for four hours. So, we found a cafe with free WiFi and settled down. Once we were able to get into the Airbnb, I went straight to sleep for 14 hours. Definitely had some catching up to do!

Sunrise from the plane
The view from our place in Auckland