Shanghai, China
27th October 2019

It has been a long day. It's 2am UK time but 10am here in Shanghai. I have not had WiFi on the plane and I am unable to get any in the airport so communication with the outside world is tricky.

We benefitted from strong winds on the flight to arrive early into Shanghai which allowed my legs to get some well needed exercise earlier than expected. On the downside, it's just extra time sitting in an unfamiliar Chinese airport. It's a very nice airport, WiFi aside. I am watching the planes take off and land in the long, stylish terminal. My Virgin Atlantic flight wasn't too boring, although I struggled to sleep or watch movies. I found the best way to pass the time was to put on some music and stare out the window.

I just walked from one end of the terminal to the other and then back. A good way to pass almost 30 minutes. Still over three hours until boarding for the Air New Zealand leg of the journey.

Our first flying friend
View over London on departure
Via Moron Mongolia
Izzy could sleep but I wasn't able to
A view of industrial Shanghai